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Production and Distribution of Jamaican Patties

The major producer and distributor of Jamaican patties in the United States, Tower Isles Inc., have an extensive list of major supermarkets that they distribute to. According to their company website, their products can be found in “Pathmark, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Western Beef, Jetro, Price Rite, A&P, Waldbaums, Met-Foods, C-Town” and countless others. In addition, Tower Isles patties can be found within big-retail distributors such as “Sysco, US Foods, McLane etc.” The company proudly boasts that their products can be bought in “convenience stores, schools, hospitals, stadiums and hotels.” Below is a map of the states in which Tower Isles Inc. distributes to (seen in dark green):

‘Tower Isle’ patties come in varying sizes to accomodate for special occasions. There are cocktail-size patties for small parties/gatherings, and 1, 3, 8, 9 and twelve-pack boxes of Tower Isles patties. Available on the website are pictures of the interior of one of Tower Isle’s factories. We can see the production process of the Jamaican patties which are put on an assembly line and handled by a number of workers to ensure the best possible quality. Tower Isles Patties (seen below in Mild Beef):

The ‘Golden Krust’ restaurant franchise, founded in 1996, is a major Caribbean cuisine restaurant that boasts some of the finest Jamaican patties and has a wide variety of patties to suit any palette. According to the official website, Golden Krust Inc. has 122 locations in a total of nine states. The company also distributes their own brand of patties (3 or 9 pack) in local supermarkets. In Jamaica, there are two big manufacturers of Jamaican patties. These are ‘Tastee Patties’ which was founded in the 60’s and ‘Juici Patties’ which was founded in the 80’s.